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No, HCG Will Not Enlarge Your Testicles…Nor Make You Lose Weight

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Weight Loss?

I have noticed, whenever I put the words Sex, Nude, Testicles, Penis, etc. in the title of a post, the readership jump like crazy. I guess that tells me a lot about my audience…

But if you haven’t seen the billboards or FOX News specials on this new HCG diet fad, you’re living under a rock. I am currently on a Reproductive, Infertility, and Endocrine rotations (REI), and we pump women full of HCG for the purpose of getting pregnant. And then, someone asked, will I lose weight on this? Hmm…good question!

Uhh no. Quite simply, this is the biggest diet hoax ever. Theoretically, HCG is released by the placenta during pregnancy in order to maintain your estrogen/progesterone levels to make that nice, cushy bed for your baby. It ALSO stimulates your fat cells to release the energy it’s been storing up, especially in the first trimester when you may not even know you’re pregnant yet. The goal is survival of the fetus: suck the energy out of your body and give it to the baby.

Dr. ATW Simeons supposedly observed that when treating your boys with hypogonadism (small testicles), HCG not only gave them testicle development, but the boys lost weight without hunger pangs.  BTW, after puberty, HCG will not make your testicles grow any larger. If you have small balls, it’s just too late.

Who in the world knows what's in this stuff.

Anyways, Dr. Simeons is an English physician who is advertised as a endocrinologist, but I think he’s really an infectious disease specialist. I cannot find his certification, but he wrote this idea that HCG may cause weight loss.

Here the hook and sinker, you have to consume, get this, 500-800 calories a day with daily HCG injections. It mimics morning sickness in a way. First trimester: lady is nauseous as hell, can’t keep down any food, so the HCG eats up her fat cells in desperation for calories for the growing fetus. So a NORMAL person, needs to consume just the minimum to avoid your stomach eating itself, and let the HCG do it work.  Honestly, if you consume 500 calories day, you will lose weight no matter what.  You could just lay there and only get up to go to the bathroom, and you would lose weight.

This may be around 500 calories if not more.

The Flaws:

1.There have been several studies on women who eat low fat/calorie diet with HCG vs. placebo that showed no difference.
2. You begin to build a tolerance to HCG after 40 days. That’s why you have to cycle on and off.
3. It’s not FDA approved.
4. You CANNOT continue eating 500 calories a day forever. After 40 days, you’ll crash and gain it all back and more quite quickly.  If you didn’t learn healthy eating and exercise in the first place, what’s the point?
5. Pure HCG is really difficult to find. All that stuff online is probably fake or diluted.
6. All these crazy dieter HAVE achieved one thing: they raised the price of real HCG. So if you’re going through infertility treatments out there, you pay anywhere from $1000 to $4000 more for treatments now then a year ago.
7. A life-threatening side effect: Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (OHSS). Basically, your ovaries go into overdrive and pumps estrogen, progesterone, and cytokines all over your bodies. It’s like PMS on steriods.

Basic point: weight loss is simple: Calorie In – Calorie Used. You consume less than you use, you lose weight. There is simply no magic, quick solution.

Which reminds me: yoga today!

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  1. weight loss should be easy to achieve if you combine proper diet with lots of exercise *


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